What is Imperiohem

Imperiohem is a bio-technology heme supplement, helps the formation of red blood cells and Haemoglobin, for cases where significant iron deficiency is experienced, delivering a rapid management of iron status.

Imperioheme is recommended for use in cases of iron deficiency to restore the iron and hemoglobin to normal levels.


Each Imperiohem tablet contains;
18 mg iron (fortied heme iron).


Imperiohem may be used in many situations associated with iron deficiency and low hemoglobin levels such as;
• Female health, general surgery, gastroenterology, nephrology and cardiology.

• Pregnant women who requires more amount of iron to increase their hemoglobin content.

• Elderly with low and poor diet.

• Growing children and youth with increasing body and blood volume may have low bodily iron depots.

Targeted Consumers

Imperiohem is Suitable for