believes in technology transfer and has an overseas toll-manufacturing facility’s conglomerates in order produce high bio-technological pharmaceutical solutions.


THT is positioned as a specialist of the manufacture of lactic acid bacteria, and the custom formulation of innovative food supplement formulations.

THT Production Unit, certified ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, is ideally located in Belgium, South of Brussels, and in the centre of Europe.

  1. The company is founded by Professor Thonart, who teaches in Université de Liège, in Belgium. Doing research with his students, he quickly understood the need and usefulness for the food industry to include bacteria in their manufacturing process.
  2. THT becomes part of the international group Puratos
  3. THT becomes the biotechnological branch of the world leader in phosphates, Prayon group.

2021. THT needs more space and will celebrate its growth with the opening of a bigger building in Gembloux.

Organo Pharma

Organo Pharma is one of the leader pharmaceutical companies in Egyptian market.

Organo Pharma is well established and owned by high professionally expert in the field of medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing Dr. Mowfak Sakr since 2007.

Organo Pharma has a wide range of pharmaceuticals that include but not limited to Antibiotics, Antiasthma, Analgesic, Antihypertensive, Proton pump Inhibitor, Common Cold, Erectile Dysfunction, Antiobesity, Antihyperlipidemic and Antimigraine.